Custom Checkout Pages

How to set up custom checkout pages for Kajabi on CheckoutJoy.

What is a Custom Checkout Page?

It's a secure, hosted checkout page for your Kajabi offers that is designed and customized to fit your website's look and feel.

A CheckoutJoy Secure Checkout Page can be used with any of our supported payment gateways and offers more flexibility and functionality than the traditional Kajabi checkout pages.


Some of the features of a custom checkout page include

  • Sales tax calculations with Quaderno
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-currency support
  • Real-time currency conversion
  • Mobile-first layouts
  • Linked to your domain
  • Widgets support such as countdown times and testimonials

Simply use the Checkout Page secure URL, or link your own subdomain to have the Checkout Pages on a subdomain on your own domain.

custom checkout pages for Kajabi

Checkout Page URLs

Every checkout page comes with a URL that your customers can visit.

By default, CheckoutJoy provides a secure URL

But you can also connect a subdomain of your own domain using CheckoutJoy's Custom Domain Setup so that your checkout page URL is on your website's domain.

For example - if your website domain is, then you could set up a Custom Domain for a subdomain where we will host all your offer pages - e.g.

Your checkout page will then have the following URL:

Notes on Security

All traffic to our checkout pages are secured with SSL certificates, which means that you and your customer's data are always secure.

When you use a custom domain to host your checkout pages on your own domain, CheckoutJoy provisions and maintains a SSL certificate for your subdomain (the cost is included in your monthly subscription). This means that traffic on your subdomain is always secure.

Create a Secure Checkout Page