Checkout Pages


The Checkout Pages are the main featir

Some of the key features of checkout pages are:

  • Multiple and Dynamic currencies
  • Full sales tax support with Quaderno
  • All our supported payment methods
  • Easy to use page builder with many customisable sections, popups and widgets
  • Custom domain and free SSL certificate to securely host your pages on your domain

How does it work?

When you use a custom checkout page, you essentially bypass your platform's default checkout pages and replace them with CheckoutJoy's checkouts. The checkout pages are hosted by us, and you also have the option to connect a custom domain so that your pages are on your domain - e.g.

If you're using funnels or landing pages on other platforms, then you will change your Call-to-action buttons (e.g. your Buy now buttons) to point to your new CheckoutJoy checkout pages. Once checkout is complete, the customer is taken to a thank-you page that you configure, so they are back on your website.


Connecting a custom domain

By default, your pages will be hosted on This is OK to start out while building or testing your pages, but when going live you'd want to provide a good checkout experience for your customers by connecting your pages to a custom domain.

The custom domain is a subdomain on your main website's domain. So if your website is, then your checkout subdomain will be something like

Setting up a custom domain is a simple process that entails adding 2 DNS entries to your domain's DNS configuration. When setting up a custom domain, CheckoutJoy will provide 2 CNAME entries that must be added to your domain's DNS. It won't affect any of your existing configuration, so there is no danger in adding the entries. Don't edit any of your existing records.

This can be done under Settings > Custom Domain in your main CheckoutJoy Dashboard.

You don't have to create a subdomain in your hosting provider (like GoDaddy or CloudFlare). You simply need to add the 2 DNS entries to your configuration for the subdomain to be created

Adding custom scripts and pixel code

If you need to add any custom code to a checkout page - example Google Analytics, Facebook pixels or the Facebook Domain Verification tag, you can do so at Settings > Scripts & Pixels in the Page Builder.