Adding your Kartra Products to CheckoutJoy

Setup Checklist

Before adding your offers to CheckoutJoy, please make sure that the following is in place:

1Setting up an Offer

An Offer by CheckoutJoy is used to set pricing and currency information for your Kartra products. You need an Offer in CheckoutJoy for every product that you want to sell in Kartra.

With this said, you can also have multiple offers for the same product in Kartra, allowing you to have multiple pricing options for your product.

To create an offer in CheckoutJoy, navigate to Offers and select the Create Offer option.

Finding your Kartra api credentials

Complete the form to create your offer.

NameA unique name to identify your offer, this doesn't have to match the name of the product in Kartra
TagSelect the tag that you configured the automation for in Kartra to activate your product
PricingConfigure your product pricing and currency options
Thank you page redirectConfigure the page where customers are taken after completing a purchase
Last updated on June 10, 2022