Getting Started


The CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific offers custom checkout sections designed to securely accept payments and enroll students from anywhere on your Thinkific website.

This enables you to:

  • Design your own checkout pages using the Thinkific Site Builder. Add any layouts and sections available in your Thinkific website.
  • Signup & Enroll in one go. Your checkout page will automatically signup and enroll students to your Thinkific courses and bundles.
  • Offer multiple payment options and processors to choose from.
  • Sell in any currency on Thinkific, process once-off payments, payment plans or subscriptions.

Plans and Features

CheckoutJoy has 2 plans to choose from. By default the Essential Plan is selected when signing up.

FeatureEssential PlanPro Plan
Checkout PageCreate a checkout in ThinkificCreate a checkout page in CheckoutJoy
All supported payment methodsYes*Yes
CurrenciesAll supported by payment processorAll supported by payment processor
Dynamic CurrenciesNoYes
Sales Tax (w. Quaderno)NoYes
Custom formsNoYes
Apple Pay (w. Stripe)NoYes

*Excluding Apple Pay through Stripe

Which plan should you choose?

Choose Essential Plan if you just need a simple checkout with a supported payment processor(s) and different currencies then the *Essential plan is enough to get started.

Choose Pro Plan if you want a more complex checkout - like multiple currencies, automatic sales tax through Quaderno, Zapier integration or to record extra information on checkout like billing/shipping addresses, VAT numbers etc.

See some example checkout pages designed in Thinkific here.

Design your own Thinkific checkout page


This is for Essential Plan users

Thinkific checkout page

How it works

Installing the CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific adds a custom checkout section to your Thinkific Site Builder, which allows you to add a checkout section to any page within your Thinkific website.

Required Setup

Once you've installed the App, you need to complete the following 3 configuration steps to set up your CheckoutJoy account for the custom checkout section:

1. Create/Import your Products

CheckoutJoy needs your product information to correctly charge the customer.

You can simply import your Thinkific products using our import function located under Products.

2. Set up your payment processor details

In the CheckoutJoy dashboard

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Select your payment processor and click on Add

3. Create a checkout page in Thinkific

Now that you've set up your products and payment details, you can create a checkout page in Thinkific with the Signup & Enroll Checkout Form.

Now that you've added your section you can edit it to set up your product and payment options.

To see all available configuration options, see the Signup & Enroll Checkout Form help page.

Last updated on June 10, 2022