Payment Processors


This guide will walk through setting up your Vipps account in CheckoutJoy.

Supported Payment Options

  • One-time payments
  • Multiple payments
  • Subscriptions

How does it work?

In the video, I walk through the process of creating a custom checkout page on Kajabi, complete with a hero section, our embedded checkout widget, testimonials, and a FAQ section. The checkout widget displays the product details (a fitness membership priced at 1,000 Norwegian Krone per month).

After filling out the form, the customer is directed to the VIPPS page to confirm their mobile number. Once confirmed, a notification is sent to their VIPPS mobile app, prompting them to complete the payment in-app. It's a simple, secure process that takes just a few taps!

Upon successful payment, the customer is redirected to your thank-you page, and their account is automatically created in Kajabi with access to the purchased offer. You can verify this in your Kajabi dashboard, where you'll see the customer's email and the granted product.

The VIPPS payment integration with Kajabi supports both subscriptions and one-time payments, making it a versatile solution for your online courses and memberships. All you need is an active VIPPS account to start selling your products to Norwegian customers.

Adding your account details

In the CheckoutJoy dashboard

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Select your payment processor and click on Add

Finding your API Key ID and Secret

  1. Log into your Vipps account
  2. Navigate to **Settings > API keys **
  3. Create a new Secret Key, and give write permissions for the Money-in Products

Setting up Vipps as a payment method on CheckoutJoy

To add Vipps as a payment method on CheckoutJoy, visit your CheckoutJoy account and select Payment Methods from the main menu.



CheckoutJoy supports processing subscription payments with your Vipps account.

How does it work?

When customers purchase a subscription product, they are given a secure link to open the Vipps app on their mobile phones. The app guides them through the process of accepting the payment agreement, ensuring a safe transaction, after which the subscription is active.

Failed payments & Retries

When a subscription payment fails, Vipps will automatically retry the payment 3 times. Vipps manages the retry schedule and will notify CheckoutJoy of the status of the retries. If all the retries for a subscription fail, then the subscription is cancelled and can't be continued any further. The customer must complete a new subscription agreement (i.e., checkout) to continue with the subscription service.