Custom Domains

Custom Domain

You can set up your pages in CheckoutJoy to be hosted on a custom domain (e.g. a subdomain of your main website) to keep your customers on your domain and give them a better checkout experience.

By adding a custom domain, you will essentially be adding a subdomain on your main website's domain to be used specifically for checkout.

So if your website is

then your checkout subdomain will be something like

This page guides you through the steps of setting up a custom domain.

Creating a custom domain

You don't need to create a subdomain in your hosting provider (like GoDaddy or CloudFlare). You simply need to follow the steps below and add the 2 DNS entries to your DNS configuration for the subdomain to be created

Firstly, request a new custom domain

  • Navigate to Settings > Custom Domain
  • Enter the subdomain that you want to create. This should not exist and should not be the same as your website's domain.
  • Wait for your DNS settings to be displayed on-screen

Creating a custom domain in CheckoutJoy

This spits out 2 DNS records.

  • The first record is a domain verification record that proves that you own the domain (if you can add that entry to your DNS settings then you naturally own the domain). This is required by CheckoutJoy to generate a SSL certificate (for free!) for your new domain.
  • The second record points your subdomain to our servers where the checkout pages are hosted. This is your actual subdomain.

Adding the CNAME entries to your DNS settings

Next you need to add the 2 DNS entries to your domain hosting settings. This doesn't happen in CheckoutJoy so you need to go to wherever you do your DNS configuration for your domain.

Depending on the platform you're using and how your domain is set up, this could be anything e.g.

  • In your Kajabi dashboard under Settings > Domains
  • GoDaddy
  • CloudFlare
  • Afrihost

Make sure you add the records as CNAME records.

You will be adding new settings so it won't affect any of your existing configuration. There is no need to edit any of your existing settings.

Using your custom domain

When you use a custom checkout page, you essentially bypass your platform's default checkout pages and replace them with CheckoutJoy's checkouts. You now need to bring your customers to our checkout pages instead of taking them to your platform's default checkout pages.

This involved updating your CTA buttons (e.g. your Buy now buttons) on your website to point to your new CheckoutJoy checkout pages. Most platforms give the option to enter an external URL as the destination of a CTA button, so you can update all your buttons with your new checkout URL.