Payment Processors


This guide will walk through setting up you PayPal account to take payments on your checkout pages.

Supported Payment Options

  • One-time payments
  • Multiple payments
  • Subscriptions

Required Setup

  • You need a verified PayPal account with a Live Client ID
  • You need to add your Kajabi offer information in your CheckoutJoy account
  • You need to activate webhook notifications on your PayPal client app

Adding your account details

In the CheckoutJoy dashboard

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Select your payment processor and click on Add

Finding your Client ID and Secret

  1. Log into your PayPal Developer account
  2. Navigate to My Apps & Credentials
  3. Create a new App
  4. Give the app a unique name - e.g. CheckoutJoy Checkout Pages
  5. Your Client ID and Secret will be displayed on-screen. Copy these values into the form fields in CheckoutJoy.

Setting up webhook notifications

CheckoutJoy needs to be notified by PayPal of any payment events that occur when a customer pays using PayPal. These are events such as successful payment authorizations, completed orders, cancelled subscriptions etc. CheckoutJoy needs this information to record revenue and to manage your customer's access to Kajabi offers.

To do this you need to add the CheckoutJoy webhook API address to your PayPal Webhook configuration.

In your PayPal dashboard,

  • Log in to your PayPal Developer account at (opens in a new tab)
  • Navigate to Dashboard > My apps & credentials
  • Select the app that was created in Finding your Client ID and Secret
  • Add a webhook and fill in the form with the following details
Webhook URL (opens in a new tab)
EventsSelect all events


When linking a subscription offer to a checkout page, CheckoutJoy will automatically set up the subscription in PayPal when a customer selects the PayPal payment option.

The price, billing interval and the number of billing cycles are configurable in the Offer settings.

Refunds and Cancellations

When you or a a customer cancels their subscription, CheckoutJoy will be notified by PayPal and revoke the customer's access to the offer that was purchased. The customer will receive a notification email from PayPal.

CheckoutJoy will not revoke access to Kajabi if a refund is processed. The subscription has to be cancelled.


  • Only one subscription or payment plan product per checkout - PayPal only accepts a single product when setting up a payment plan or subscription, so no multiple product carts or order bumps. You can still add a Free Trial and/or once-off Setup Fee.