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How does it work?

CheckoutJoy has a full featured affiliate system which allows you to run your affiliate program using CheckoutJoy.

This will work for your business if you use Custom Checkout Pages with our supported payment gateways

The CheckoutJoy affiliate system includes the following features:

  • Dedicated Affiliate dashboard for your affiliates
  • Conversion reports and analytics
  • Email announcements sent to all your affiliates


  • You need to have a custom domain connected on CheckoutJoy
  • You need to sell products using CheckoutJoy

Setting Up

To set up your website for affiliate tracking, you need to add the affiliate tracking script to the pages where you want to track affiliate clicks.

Adding the Affiliate Script to an external websites

To enable affiliate tracking on your website, add the following line of code to the HEAD section of all the pages that where you want to track affiliate clicks.

<script async src=""></script>

This is all that is required to start tracking affiliate clicks. Affiliate links work by appending a unique code to the link that the customer clicks. The tracking script checks if this unique code is present in the URL, and if so then the click will be recorded. Please note that clicks are only recorded if the URL is set up as an Affiliate Link.


Add the affiliate tracking script to Kajabi's Page scripts section.

  • Settings > Site Details > Page Scripts
Adding affiliate tracking to Kajabi

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are specific URLs that you want to share with your affiliates. It can be a link to a specific landing or checkout page, or your entire website domain, which will track all the pages on that domain.

Integrating 3rd-Party Affiliate Platforms

It is possible to add any 3rd party affiliate platform to CheckoutJoy like First Promoter or Post Affiliate Pro.

Most affiliate platforms work using tracking and conversion codes that need to be placed on your website. The tracking code tracks clicks of visitors sent to your site or checkout page by your affiliates, and the conversion code tracks conversions of referred customers.

The tracking code is usually placed on all your website pages, as well as your checkout pages, while the conversion code is usually placed only on your thank-you pages.

Since your checkout will happen on CheckoutJoy, you can add your tracking code snippet to any checkout page in CheckoutJoy. After checkout, your customer will be taken to your Thank-you page, and CheckoutJoy will append the transaction details to the thank-you page URL so that you can trigger your conversion tracking code on your thank-you page.

| Parameter | Description | |----------------------------|-------------|-------------------------| | purchaseId | The CheckoutJoy Purchase ID. This is the same an Order ID in other systems | | productId | The unique CheckoutJoy product ID | | productName | Human readable Product Name | | customerEmail | Customer Email | | customerName | Full name of the customer | | currency | Transaction currency | | total | Transaction total|

You can reference the values on the thank-you page by reading the search params of the URL

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
const total = urlParams.get('total');

The example snippet below is to track a sale using Post Affiliate Pro

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
var sale = PostAffTracker.createSale();
Last updated on August 8, 2022