The Calendly integration allows you to sell Calendly Event bookings using any of CheckoutJoy's supported payment processors. Customers automatically receive a single-use Calendly scheduling link to schedule one or more purchased sessions.

This way, you can control your availability and add a paywall to your existing Calendly calendars.

Selling Calendly Events allows you to

  • Sell one or more coaching sessions as a package. The customer can schedule all purchased sessions using the single-use scheduling link
  • Sell coaching & consultations as an order-bump for existing courses and products

All events are scheduled on Calendly, automatically syncing with your calendars and Calendly workflows.

How does it work

A Calendly Event is a special product type in CheckoutJoy that allows you to sell meetings and consultation sessions using a Calendly calendar.

When someone buys a Calendly Event product, they receive a single-use Calendly scheduling link - a unique link that allows them to book one or more sessions on Calendly, but the link is valid for one scheduling session.

The link is delivered to the customer by email, and there is no expiration on the link's validity.

How to get started

You start by connecting your Calendly account to CheckoutJoy

Go to Settings > Integrations > Calendly (opens in a new tab) and connect your Calendly account from there.

Once connected, you can create a Calendly Product in CheckoutJoy and start selling your sessions on any of your checkouts.

Email Delivery

After a customer buys a Calendly Event product, CheckoutJoy will send them an email containing their single-use scheduling link.

You can edit the content of this email in the Product settings of your Calendly product. Remember to leave the {{bookingUrl}} special tag in the email content, this will be replaced by the actual booking link when sending the email to the customer.