A CheckoutJoy Storefront is a complete e-commerce page where you can showcase and sell your products. With storefronts, your customers are able to add multiple products to their cart and do a single checkout that activates all the products in their cart.

The goal here is to consolidate your online selling, which might include multiple hosting platforms, segmented customers, weird payment limitations and regional laws, and of course the crazy VAT requirements. Now you can combine all your platforms, languages and payment options under one roof.

For example, you can create multiple storefronts to segment your customers on country, region or language. You could for example send all your local customers to a store with special discounted prices and local payment options, and send all international customers to a different store with different pricing and currencies.

Or set up a store where you sell courses hosted on Thinkific, e-books hosted on CheckoutJoy, webinars hosted on Zoom, and workbooks from WooCommerce.

That's a single checkout, one payment, one invoice, VAT calculated and charged and all products automatically fulfilled for any customer anywhere in the world 😁😁😁

Here's a preview of the Storefront designer so long, where you can also customize the look and feel of your storefront to match your brand.

CheckoutJoy Storefronts