Product Checkouts

A Product Checkout page is the default checkout page that is available for every product that you create in CheckoutJoy. Every product has a unique checkout link that can be shared with customers.

CheckoutJoy Product Checkout

It's created automatically when you create or import a product in CheckoutJoy, and is a simple, fast way to get started and start selling.

A Product Checkout has a pre-defined, mobile-optimised layout and offers the same advanced features as the other checkout options:

  • All supported payment processors and options.
  • Coupons & discounts.
  • Customizable checkout form fields.
  • Multiple order bumps

The Product Checkout is different from a Checkout Page. If you want to customize the content of your checkouts, use a Checkout Page instead.

Setting up a Product Checkout

Every product has a default checkout page that is immediately available when you create a product in CheckoutJoy. The link of the checkout is available on all the custom domains of the account.

An example of a Product Checkout link is:

To edit a checkout, select the product that you want to edit and click on the Edit Checkout button at the top of the screen.

Editing your product checkout

Customizing a Product Checkout

When you select to edit a checkout, the Checkout Editor view is displayed. The Product Checkout Editor is similar to the Storefront Editor and provides all the editable options on the left, with the preview screen.

Editing your product checkout
Product Checkout Editor view

The following options are available when customizing a Product Checkout:

Forms FieldsCustomize the form fields that the customer has to complete at checkout. Supports custom fields and languages.
Payment ProcessorsSelect the available payment methods for the checkouts. This can be customized for each checkout.
Region & Currency OptionsAdd multi-currency support or regional restrictions (for example, only allow customers from Europe to purchase this product).
Order BumpsAdd an order bump to the checkout.
Scripts & PixelsAdd any custom scripts and tracking pixels to the checkout page.

Sharing the Checkout Link

To share the link of the checkout, simply copy the checkout link (URL) from the Checkout Editor.