This section provides information on your monthly subscription plan with CheckoutJoy.

Transaction Fee

An additional 0.8% transaction fee is charged for payments processed by our Thinkific App. This transaction fee is payable to CheckoutJoy, and will be added to your monthly subscription fee.

Note this fee is only applicable when you install the CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific from the Thinkific App Store and accept payments using one of the CheckoutJoy Custom Sections in the Thinkific Site Builder.

If you use our custom checkout pages and activate your students in Thinkific through Zapier, then you will not incur the additional transaction fee.

Example 1

You install the CheckoutJoy App from the Thinkific App store on 1 April, and your 14-day free trial ends at midnight, 14 April.

Between 14 April and 14 May you've made $100 worth of sales.

Your CheckoutJoy monthly subscription invoice will have the following items:

Line ItemTotal
CheckoutJoy monthly subscription fee$29
Thinkific transaction fee (0.8% of $100)$0.80

This total will be taken from your credit card on record on the date of your paid plan payment schedule.

All transactions that occured between 14 April 00:00:00 GMT and 13 May 23:59:59 GMT will be used to calculate the transaction fee portion of the invoice.


After every payment made to CheckoutJoy you will receive a tax invoice with your plan and transaction details. You can edit your billing address using the links in the email.