Invoices & VAT


CheckoutJoy's invoicing feature makes it easy to create, customize and send invoices to your customers in minutes. — with no code required.

Invoicing is a critical part in checkouts, With Invoicing, you can:

  • create a custom invoice right from the Dashboard — update the logo and color settings, and add product details, line items, coupons, tax rates, and more.
  • email your customers a PDF invoice or a link to a checkout page where you can accept payment online.
  • automatically collect sales taxes based on your customer's location
  • manage invoices straight from the Dashboard

Invoices are part of the core product and available across all our pricing plans. With our Essential Plan, you're able to create and deliver invoices for any sales generated on CheckoutJoy.

Pro plan users can enable the "Sales Tax" feature, which adds VAT processing to checkouts, automatically adding the correct VAT based on where your customer is from. Visit the separate Sales Tax section for more information.

Here's a summary of the features included in our pricing plans (opens in a new tab)

Unlimited Invoices & PDF storage
Email delivery*
VAT/Sales Tax calculations

* emails are sent from

How does it work?

Invoicing creates VAT compliant invoices for sales made through CheckoutJoy, and optionally delivers them to your customers by email.

When you enable this feature in your CheckoutJoy dashboard, CheckoutJoy will automatically generate PDF invoices for completed sales and recurring payments. These invoices are stored securely in the cloud and can also be emailed to your customer.

You can customize your invoices by selecting from our pre-designed templates, customizing the language and uploading your company logo and branding that fits your company brand.

The invoices are stored securely in the cloud and all files are accessible in your dashboard under the Sales page.

Setting up Invoicing

To enable the Invoicing feature, go to Settings > Invoices (opens in a new tab) in your CheckoutJoy dashboard and toggle the switch to enable the feature for your account.

Invoice Numbers

Invoice numbers are generated by CheckoutJoy when an invoice is generated. The Invoice Number is a different number than the Order Reference Number, and both numbers are incremented independently. This is because an order can be created without an invoice ever being created, as in the case of abandoned carts.

The invoice number sequence used is autmatically incremented for new invoices and nothing is required to maintain this number.

Next Invoice Number

You can edit the numbering sequence by adjusting the Next Invoice Number value in the invoicing settings. Numbering of future invoices will continue from that number.s


You can optionally set the prefix text that is added to the number when generating the invoice number. A common example is using a prefix of INV, which will result in INV-00001.

Minimum Length

The minumum length of the invoice can be set to ensure that all invoice number are the same length. For example, if you set the minimum length to 5 then all invoices for numbers smaller than 9999 will be padded with "0" to keep the length of the ivoice number at 5.

Invoice #33 would display as INV-00033 and Invoice #1293 would display as INV-01293.

Email Settings

Invoices are converted to PDF and sent to your customer by email. To enable this setting you must take the customer email address at checkout.

Email Content

You can fully edit the content of the email that is sent with the invoice, and use special tags to substitute values such as the customer's name, purchase items, order value etc.

All emails are sent from, please reach out if you would like to use a custom email address to deliver the emails.

Appearance Settings

Edit the apprearance of your invoices using the Apprearance settings in your dashboard.

Invoice Template

Invoices use pre-built templates based on best practices and specific law requirements for invoices around the world. You can select and preview any of the available templates.

If you would like to use your own email templates, please reach out sa this is possible but not a priority as a feature.

Credit Notes

Credit notes are used to issue refunds to customers and to correct errors on invoices.

It’s a way to issue full or partial refunds for invoices that have already been issued or paid. When a refund is issued, a credit note is automatically generated.