Custom payment button on Kajabi


This guide will help you set up a custom payment button on your Kajabi checkout pages. This will enable you to accept payments using any of our supported payment gateways, e.g. Klarna, Razorpay, PayFast etc.

This guide assumes that you've already added your Kajabi products and added your payment processor account to CheckoutJoy.

This guide is for Essential Plan users only and to add a simple payment button on a Kajabi checkout page.
This only provides simple payment functionality, no sales tax or multiple currency support.
To set up other checkout options like a custom checkout page, or embeddable checkout widget, please check the other guides.

Adding the custom payment button to Kajabi

You've imported your Kajabi offers to CheckoutJoy, you've set up your payment processor details, now you're ready to add the custom payment button to Kajabi's checkout pages.

This is done by adding a little code snippet to your Kajabi website.

This code snippet is loaded on every checkout page and fetches the product information from CheckoutJoy when a customer views the checkout page. If the product configuration is found in CheckoutJoy then the snippet will generate a payment button on the checkout page.

Below is an example of the code snippet. You'll find it in your CheckoutJoy account under Kajabi Integration Settings (opens in a new tab)

<script src=""></script>
       key: 'YOUR_KEY_HERE',

Do not use this code snippet above as-is, copy your unique snippet found here (opens in a new tab)

Adding the snippet to Kajabi

The code snippet must be added to the Checkout Tracking Code section of Kajabi's Checkout Settings.

  • Copy the code snippet above
  • In Kajabi, navigate to Kajabi > Settings > Checkout Settings
  • Scroll down to Checkout Tracking Code
  • Paste the code snippet in the Footer Tracking Code block
  • Replace [[YOUR_KEY_HERE]] with your API key
  • Click the Save button

kajabi payment methods

And that's it! You should now see your payment buttons display in the Checkout box area of any checkout page of your offers. Remember to refresh the checkout page in order to load your button!

** Note ** Your payment buttons will only display if you have added your Kajabi Offer to Checkoutjoy.