The CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific needs to be installed to enabled the direct integration with Thinkific. Installing the app will give CheckoutJoy permission to access to your Thinkific account to enable automatic enrollments.

Install from the Thinkific App Store

Visit our app listing in the Thinkific App Store (opens in a new tab) to install the App on your Thinkific account.

Install the checkoutjoy Thinkific app

Simply follow the signup process to installl the app and set up your account.

Install using the link

You can also install the app using the installation URL below.

YOUR_SUBDOMAIN_HERE is your unique subdomain of your Thinkific account. For example, if your Thinkific website URL is, then your subdomain value is cooking-supreme.

After installation

You will notice that there are new custom sections available in your Thinkific Site Builder. To see the new custom sections, visit your site builder and add a new section to any page.

Uninstall the app

When you uninstall the app, CheckoutJoy will no longer have access to your Thinkific account or product configuration.

To uninstall, visit the Apps section in your Thinkific account.

The CheckoutJoy app will be listed under the Installed apps section, simply click the Delete icon to uninstall the app.You will receive a confirmation email from CheckoutJoy after the app has been uninstalled.

Uninstall Thinkific app

What happens when the app is uninstalled

CheckoutJoy deletes the authentication tokens that give the system access to your Thinkific account. CheckoutJoy will no longer have access to your Thinkific data and resources, and the integration will no longer be active.

Deleting the app does not affect any of your product data or reports in CheckoutJoy.

** Note ** - uninstalling the app in your Thinkific dashboard doesn't delete or pause your CheckoutJoy account. If you wish to pause or cancel your account you need to do this in the (Billing)[ (opens in a new tab)] section of your CheckoutJoy dashboard.