CheckoutJoy comes with automatic currency conversion based on where your customer is from.

Currency Conversion for Payment Processors

Some Payment Processors only allow payments to be made in certain currencies - e.g. Indian payment processors like Razorpay and Instamojo only allow payments in INR, and South African payment processors only allow payments in ZAR.

CheckoutJoy's currency conversion enables you to sell your product in any currency and still take the payment in the required currency. So for example you can price your product in USD, and when the time comes to take payment, CheckoutJoy will convert the cart to the required currency of the payment processor.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion allows you to sell products in the local currency of the customer. All prices are converted to the local currency of the customer based on their location, and if the payment processor supports payment in that currency then payment is also processed in their local currency.

This feature is available on our hosted checkout pages.


Conversion Fees

Because CheckoutJoy is handling the currency conversion before payment is submitted to the payment processor, there will in most cases not be any conversion fees payable by you or the customer.

The only case where a customer pays a conversion fee - charged by their bank or card provider - is when the transaction currency is different than the default currency of their cards. E.g. if you sell your product in USD but the customer has a card that only supports INR, then the transaction will still go through successfully but their bank might charge them an extra fee for converting USD to INR.