Quaderno integration for Kajabi

What is Quaderno

Quaderno is a sales tax management solution that provides automatic tax compliance for online businesses worldwide. Quaderno helps businesses to comply with tax laws in any country, and also provides a sales tax API that can be used to charge the appropriate sales taxes for customers based on where they're purchasing from.

In addition to sales tax management, Quaderno offers automatic invoicing, instant tax reports, a variety of useful integrations.

How does Quaderno work with CheckoutJoy

Quaderno integration is available for customers that use CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages. After a simple setup, the CheckoutJoy+Quaderno integration provides automatic tax calculation, sales receipts, and invoices for your sales around the world.

Sales tax calculations

Using the Quaderno API, CheckoutJoy will calculate sales taxes on your checkout pages based on where your customers are from. Since we're calling the API from our secure hosted checkout pages, this feature is only available if you have the Pro package.

Receipts and Invoices

After a successful checkout, CheckoutJoy will create an invoice in your Quaderno account.

Linking a Quaderno Product

You can link your Quaderno products to products in CheckoutJoy to ensure that the product codes are submitted when creating invoices in Quaderno.

To link a product, select your Quaderno product when creating or editing a product in CheckoutJoy.


The following options are available when setting up your Quaderno account:

Create Quaderno Invoices on CheckoutWhen this is enabled, CheckoutJoy will create an invoice in your Quaderno account after a successful checkout.
Deliver Quaderno InvoicesWhen this is enabled, CheckoutJoy will deliver the invoice to the customer via email on successful checkout.
Record EvidenceWhen this is enabled, CheckoutJoy will record an Evidence record after a successful purchase.

Finding your API Credentials

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Quaderno in your Quaderno account.

We need the following from your Quaderno account:

Publishable keyWe use this key on the checkout pages to communicate with the Quaderno API when calculating taxes.
finding your Quaderno kajabi integration

Connecting your Quaderno account

To connect your Quaderno account,

  1. Visit Settings > Integrations > Quaderno in the CheckoutJoy portal and click the Connect account button. This will take you to the Quaderno login page.
  2. Log in with your Quaderno username and password
  3. You will be returned to the CheckoutJoy portal
  4. That's it! Your account is now connected.

Connecting an Existing Quaderno Account

If you are already using Quaderno with other systems, e.g. Quaderno Checkout connected to Stripe - then there are a few things to consider in terms of your integration setup.

Duplicate Invoices

If you have the Stripe-Quaderno integration connected to your account, then connecting CheckoutJoy using the same Stripe account will product duplicate invoices. This is because both Quaderno and CheckoutJoy listen for payment events from Stripe and will create an invoice when a payment notification is received.

In most cases you can simply disconnect the Quaderno-Stripe integration in your Quaderno account to avoid the issue. The only reason to keep both links active is if you have existing payment plans or subscriptions. In which case you need to see the section below.

Using CheckoutJoy with existing subscriptions

If you have existing recurring payments that need to get invoiced, then you need to keep the configuration you have as-is. CheckoutJoy can't process invoices for transactions that didn't originate from one of our checkout channels.

So to get around the issue, you need to create separate Stripe accounts to separate the existing transactions from the new ones. Stripe has a feature called "Multiple Accounts" which allows you to create separate Stripe entities inside your account which operates completely separate from each other. You need to use this feature to create a new Stripe account to connect to CheckoutJoy.

  1. Create a separate Stripe Account (opens in a new tab)
  2. Link the new account only to CheckoutJoy, and leave your original Stripe account connected to Quaderno.

This will keep your subscription payments working as before and creating invoices in Quaderno directly from Stripe, and all new invoices that are created by CheckoutJoy will be created through the new Stripe account.

This is the only way to ensure that there aren't any duplicate invoices created for existing subscriptions.


Where should I define my tax settings, in Quaderno or in CheckoutJoy?

You set all your tax configurations in Quaderno - you need to set up your Jurisdictions and rates for the different regions there. The only setting required in CheckoutJoy is whether you want the checkout to use inclusive/exclusive tax (Settings > Integrations > Quaderno). CheckoutJoy calls Quaderno to calculate the taxes based on the products, tax codes of the products, location of the customer, and VAT number if entered

Are EU VAT number validation done against the VIES database?

Yes - CheckoutJoy uses Quaderno to validate EU VAT numbers.

How are B2B transactions handled? Do you support reverse charge VAT for valid EU VAT numbers?

Yes - if a VAT number is validated and also eligible for VAT exemption then it will be recorded as such (reverse charge VAT)

If the VAT number is inputted but not validated is it saved with the purchase (so I can use it for Quaderno Invoicing)?

Yes - it is still recorded even if it's not valid or reverse charge eligible..CheckoutJoy will create an invoice for you in Quaderno with all the correct VAT information, you can also optionally email the invoice to the customer

Is the checkout available in other languages?

Yes - you can customize the language of the cart and basket any way you want. Edit the checkout section of your checkout page (click on the cog icon) and see the Language options there.