CheckoutJoy supports two types of coupons that can be used on checkout pages - a percentage based and fixed amount coupons. There are several ways to set up and configure coupons, depending on how you want to incentivise your customers.

These features include

  • Limiting the number of coupons available
  • Linking coupons to specific products
  • Coupon code expiry
  • Coupon batch creation

Percentage Based Coupons

This is a simple coupon type where a percentage of the total cart price is discounted. Where there are multiple items in a cart, the discount will be applied to all products equally, except if the coupon is linked to specific products.

If the coupon is linked to specific products, only those products will be discounted.

Fixed value coupons

These coupons have a fixed price and currency. Because of the multi-currency features, a fixed value coupon is pinned to a specific currency.

If the coupon is used on a multi-currency checkout page - where the currency is set to the customer's local currency, or the customer can change the currency - then the value of the coupon will automatically be adjusted to the selected currency of the cart.

A fixed value coupon is applied to all valid items in the cart, for example if a cart contains 2 products and the coupon value is more than the total value of the first item, then the item is discounted completely and the remainder of the balance is discounted on the second item.

Linking products and coupons

Coupons can be set up to apply only to specific products. When this feature is enabled, only the selected products in the list of allowed products can be discounted using the coupon.

Automatically applying coupons to checkouts

You can automatically apply a coupon code to a checkout session by adding the coupon code as a query parameter to the checkout page URL.

A query parameter is a simple key-value separated by a = in the URL. It is separated from the main URL path with a ?. So you would add something like ?coupon=MYCODE to the end of your checkout page URL.

For example, if your checkout page URL is

then you can set up an automatic coupon link by adding ?coupon=YOURCOUPONCODE to the URL.

Your checkout URL will therefore be:

If the coupon code is valid, the discount will automatically be applied to the cart when the page loads.

Usage Report

To see who used the coupon code, search for the coupon code and click on the Usage link.

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