The CheckoutJoy Zapier App allows you to connect CheckoutJoy with any Zapier App using CheckoutJoy's Zapier Triggers.

For more information, visit the CheckoutJoy Zapier (opens in a new tab) page.


The CheckoutJoy Zapier App has the following Triggers:

New Purchase (Order)Triggered when a customer completes a new Purchase using CheckoutJoy.
Line Item for OrderTriggers when an Order is created. Creates a separate task for every product in the order.
Abandoned CheckoutTriggered when a customer abandons a checkout.
New Recurring PaymentTriggered when a subscription payment is received.
Subscription CancelledTriggered when a subscription is cancelled.
Payment RefundedTriggered when a payment is refunded.

Connecting your Zapier account

The Zapier integration configured from Zapier account. Log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap using the CheckoutJoy Zapier App.

To connect your Zapier account,

  1. Visit Settings > Integrations > Zapier in the CheckoutJoy portal.
  2. Enable the integration by activating the "Enable" switch.
  3. Copy your API Key that is displayed on screen.
  4. Paste this into the Zapier authentication window.

Zapier will show this popup when you connect the CheckoutJoy App in Zapier: