The CheckoutJoy Kajabi integration allows you to easily sell your Kajabi products using CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages or checkout widgets.

By default, CheckoutJoy integrates with Kajabi using Kajabi's checkout webhooks, which grants an offer to a customer when a purchase is made.

Check out this video for a quick demo!

Which option should I choose?

CheckoutJoy offers different sales channels which support different features. You should choose which option to implement depending on your use case and feature requirements.

Sales ChannelPlansDescription
Simple Buy-Now ButtonEssentialIntended for simple use cases where you need payment processor support for Kajabi checkouts. The payment button is embedded directly on the Kajabi checkout page, and will process the payment through the selected payment processor. This option doesn't include any of our other features.
Checkout WidgetEssential / ProA fully featured, embeddable checkout widget that can be added to any page in Kajabi. It can either be embedded inline or as a popup. learn more
Custom Checkout PageProA fully featured, hosted checkout page that essentially replaces your Kajabi checkout pages. Customers are taken to the hosted checkout page instead of the default Kajabi checkout pages. learn more

Here are a list of the supported features for each of the sales channels:

Simple Buy-Now ButtonCheckout WidgetCustom Checkout Page
Payment Processor Support *
Stripe Alternative Payment Methods support
PayPal Credit Card Support
Multiple Payment Processors
Multi Currencies
Sales Tax Support
Quaderno Support

* The Simple Buy-Now Button doesn't support Stripe or PayPal since it's already offered by Kajabi.

How does it work?

Simple Buy-now Button

The CheckoutJoy widget will embed your custom payment button (linked to your payment processor account) inside your Kajabi checkout pages as an alternative payment option to Stripe and PayPal. Your customers will be able to pay with Klarna, GiroPay, iDEAL, or any of the available payment methods supported by your payment processor.

When your customers select the custom payment option, the CheckoutJoy widget will initiate the secure transaction with the processor, and direct the customer to a payment page in a browser popup window.

Checkout Widget

The Checkout Widget can be added to any page in your Kajabi website by adding a Custom Code section to a page.

The widget offers all of our features (multiple currencies, coupons, sales tax, Quaderno integration) and allows you to create your checkout pages in Kajabi the way you want it.

Custom Checkout Page

Our custom checkout pages are hosted checkouts that

When using checkout pages, the customer is taken to the custom checkout URL instead of the default Kajabi checkout page.
To do this, you need to change the destination of the CTA (call-to-action) buttons to point to the custom checkout page URL instead of the Kajabi offer checkout URL.

After a successful checkout

After the customer has completed the checkout (and the payment was confirmed), CheckoutJoy will automatically add the customer to your Kajabi customer list and activate the customer's access to the offer on Kajabi. Your customer will be redirected to your Offer Thank You page that is configured in Kajabi.

When users are granted an offer by CheckoutJoy, they will receive a "member welcome email" from Kajabi which contains the system-generated password for your membership site. Take note that this email will only be sent to NEW members, and only once. They will also receive an "offer grant confirmation email" from Kajabi.

If an offer is granted to an existing member, then she/he will continue using her/his existing account. They will only receive the "offer grant confirmation email" and not the member welcome email.

Activate Webhook URL

This value is very important as it is used to grant your customers access to the product after the purchase.

The URL is found under More Actions > Webhooks

kajabi activation link

Deactivate Webhook URL

This value is very important as it is used to revoke access when a customer cancels a subscription payment or fails to pay for a specified period.

The URL is found under More Actions > Webhooks

kajabi deactivation link

Thank you page

This is the URL of the thank-you page that is configured for a Kajabi offer (bottom right of the Offer configuration page in Kajabi).

If this value is set, the widget will redirect the customer to the configured address after a payment has been completed.

kajabi deactivation link

Adding the checkout button

The Code Snippet

The following code snippet is all it takes to add your payment button Kajabi. You need to copy this code snippet and paste it in your Kajabi Checkout Settings section.

<script src=""></script>
        key: 'YOUR_KEY_HERE',

Checkout Tracking Code

The Checkout Tracking Code section is the easiest way to add your payment buttons to Kajabi. If you add your code there, Kajabi will include your payment buttons into all your Offer checkout pages.

kajabi payment methods

Simply copy your code, replace YOUR_KEY_HERE with your API key,

  1. Copy the code snippet from Kajabi Integration Settings (opens in a new tab) in your CheckoutJoy Dashboard
  2. In Kajabi, navigate to Kajabi > Settings > Checkout Settings
  3. Scroll down to Checkout Tracking Code
  4. Paste the code snippet in the Footer Tracking Code block and save

And that's it! You should now see your payment buttons display in the Checkout box area of any checkout page of your offers. Remember to refresh the checkout page in order to load your button!

** Note ** Your payment buttons will only display if you have added your Kajabi Offer to Checkoutjoy.