Setting up Kajabi to take payments using your PayFast account


This guide will walk through setting up Kajabi to take payments using your PayFast account. Using the CheckoutJoy integration, you can take payments through PayFast directly from your Kajabi checkout pages.

Supported Payment Options

  • One-time payments
  • Multiple payments
  • Subscriptions

Required Setup

  • You need a valid PayFast account with a Merchant ID and Merchant Key provided by PayFast
  • You need to set up your CheckoutJoy account

Finding your Merchant ID and Merchant Key

When you sign up with PayFast, you get unique codes that you must use when initiating payments so that PayFast knows where to allocate the money to. These unique codes are referred to as your Merchant ID and Merchant Key.

If you log into to your PayFast dashboard, you will find your Merchant ID and Merchant Key displayed there.

finding your PayFast Merchant ID and Merchant Key

Working with Coupons

CheckoutJoy will pick up any discounts that you give if you are using coupons in Kajabi.

But there is something to keep in mind:
Kajabi applies the discount to the original offer price and currency This means that if you are using Price text override to display your offer price in Rands instead of e.g. USD, then Kajabi will use the original USD price set in your Kajabi offer to calculate the discount.

See an example below:

finding your PayFast Merchant ID and Merchant Key

CheckoutJoy will take the discounted amount $39.20 in the example above, convert it to ZAR and then initiate the transaction with PayFast.

Things to keep in mind

Please note the following:

  • You can only charge the customer in ZAR - PayFast is only allowed to charge customers in ZAR, which means the checkout page will only display the ZAR amount to the customer. If your Kajabi offer is in a different currency, then CheckoutJoy will convert the total to ZAR when initiating the transaction. The latest available currency exchange rate is used at the time of the transaction.

How does it work?

The CheckoutJoy widget will embed your PayFast payment button (linked to your PayFast account) onto your Kajabi checkout pages as an alternative payment option to PayPal. Your customers will be able to pay by Credit/Debit card or any of the available payment methods supported by PayFast.

When your customers select the PayFast payment option, the CheckoutJoy widget will initiate the secure transaction with PayFast, and direct the customer to the PayFast checkout page in a browser popup window. The transaction details, pricing and customer details are sent as well.

After a successful checkout

After the customer has completed the checkout (and the payment was confirmed), CheckoutJoy will automatically add the customer to your Kajabi customer base and activate the customer's access to the offer on Kajabi. Your customer will be redirected to your Offer Thank You page that is configured in Kajabi

When users are granted an offer by CheckoutJoy, they will receive a "member welcome email" from Kajabi which contains the system-generated password for your membership site. Take note that this email will only be sent to NEW members, and only once. They will also receive an "offer grant confirmation email" from Kajabi.

If an offer is granted to an existing member, then she/he will continue using her/his existing account. They will only receive the "offer grant confirmation email" and not the member welcome email.

Recurring / Subscription Offers

CheckoutJoy will manage the recurring payments for Kajabi offers that are configured with the subscription or recurring payment options.

Supported Countries

  • South Africa

Available Payment Methods

  • Credit and Cheque Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Instant EFT
  • Mobicred
  • MasterPass
  • Zapper
  • SCode