Setting up Kajabi to take payments using your Razorpay account


This guide will walk through setting up Kajabi to take payments using your Razorpay account. Using the CheckoutJoy integration, you can take payments using your Razorpay account directly from your Kajabi checkout pages.

Supported Payment Options

  • One-time payments
  • Multiple payments
  • Subscriptions

How does it work?

The CheckoutJoy widget will embed your Razorpay payment button (linked to your Razorpay account) onto your Kajabi checkout pages as an alternative payment option to PayPal. Your customers will be able to pay with UPI, Bharat QR, All major debit and credit cards, 50+ Netbanking Options, Mobile Wallets, or any of the other payment methods supported by Razorpay. For a fill list of the available payment methods, please see here.

When your customers select the Razorpay payment option, the CheckoutJoy widget will initiate the secure transaction with Razorpay and direct the customer to the Razorpay checkout page in a browser popup window.

After a successful checkout

After the customer has completed the checkout (and the payment was confirmed), CheckoutJoy will automatically add the customer to your Kajabi customer base and activate the customer's access to the offer on Kajabi. Your customer will be redirected to your Offer Thank You page that is configured in Kajabi.

When users are granted an offer by CheckoutJoy, they will receive a "member welcome email" from Kajabi which contains the system-generated password for your membership site. Take note that this email will only be sent to NEW members, and only once. They will also receive an "offer grant confirmation email" from Kajabi.

If an offer is granted to an existing member, then she/he will continue using her/his existing account. They will only receive the "offer grant confirmation email" and not the member welcome email.

Required Setup

  • You need a verified Razorpay account with a Live API Key ID and secret
  • You need to add your Kajabi offer information in your CheckoutJoy account
  • You need to add the CheckoutJoy widget to your Kajabi checkout pages

Finding your API Key ID and Secret

Your Razorpay API key can be generated in your Razorpay dashboard under Settings > API Keys.

Setting up webhook notifications

CheckoutJoy needs to be notified of any payment events such as successful payment authorizations or refunds in order to manage your customer's access to your Kajabi offers.

To do this you need to add the CheckoutJoy webhook API address to your Razorpay Webhook configuration.

In your Razorpay dashboard,

  • Navigate to Settings > Webhooks
  • Select the Add New Webhook button top right
  • Fill in the form with the following details
Webhook URLhttps://api.checkoutjoy.com/v1/notify?p=Razorpay
SecretAny string value
Active EventsSelect all Payment Events, Subscription Events and Refund Events
Finding your Instamojo api key

Setting up Razorpay as a payment method on CheckoutJoy

To add Razorpay as a payment method on CheckoutJoy, visit your CheckoutJoy account and select Payment Methods from the main menu.


Subscriptions and Multiple Payments

CheckoutJoy supports both subscription and multiple payment options for Kajabi offers.

When you create an Offer on CheckoutJoy with Subscription or Multiple Payments billing type, CheckoutJoy will automatically create a new Subscription Plan in your Razorpay profile.

**Note - you need to first set up your Razorpay payment method and API access information before creating a subscription offer in CheckoutJoy.