Setting up Kajabi to take payments using your Stripe account


CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages with Stripe support allows you to add more Stripe supported payment options to your checkout pages for Kajabi.

You could for example add iDEAL, Sofort, or any of the payment methods supported by Stripe.

This guide will walk through setting up Kajabi to take payments using your Stripe account.

Please note that Stripe integration is only available with Custom Checkout Pages.

This table summarizes all Stripe's supported payment types by business model (source).

All of these payment methods are available to use for your Kajabi offers with CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages with Stripe support.

For a full list of all the payment types supported by Stripe, please see this link.

Supported Payment Options

  • One-time payments
  • Multiple payments
  • Subscriptions

Finding your API credentials

  1. Log into your Stripe account
  2. Navigate to Developers > API keys
  3. Your keys are listed under the Standard Keys

Setting up webhook notifications

CheckoutJoy needs to be notified by Stripe of any payment events that occur when a customer pays using Stripe. These are events such as successful payment authorizations, completed orders, cancelled subscriptions etc. CheckoutJoy needs this information to record revenue and to manage your customer's access to Kajabi offers.

To do this you need to add the CheckoutJoy webhook API address to your Stripe Webhook configuration.

In your Stripe dashboard,

  • Navigate to Developers > Webhooks
  • Select the Add Endpoint button top right
  • Fill in the form with the following details
Endpoint URL
Events to sendcheckout.session.completed , payment_intent.succeeded, invoice.payment_succeeded, charge.refunded

Get in touch

If you want to add more Stripe payment types to your Kajabi website, please get in touch to discuss out custom checkout page options.